About Me

My name is Elsa Anggraini Darwin (Elsa), and I was born on 18st of August 1993 in Solok, West Sumatera, Indonesia. I am now currently studying Computer Science at University of Indonesia. I'm so proud to be part of blue-red makara, TURBO 2010, and to be a former TF LEaRN Scholar at NTU, Singapore. Have a little interest in Programming since I attended to college (but still, I'm a newbie in this geek programming world). I use java as my programming language. I haven't mastered it yet but I guess I kinda love it somehow

I went to TK Kartini Palembang, SDN 09 Belakang Balok Bukittinggi, Akselerasi SDN 02 Percontohan Bukittinggi, SMPN 1 Bukittinggi, and SMAN 1 Bukittinggi before I go to University of Indonesia.

Typical of selfish but interesting person. Love Blue Sky and Minangkabau culture very much. A big fan of Ikimono Gakari, and a Japan lover. A dreamer, and a dream achiever. You can't say that I'm an ordinary or a simple person. Have bunch of uniqe and interesting stories to share in this blog, so happy reading!

Feel free to contact me through this e-mail address: elsadarwin@gmail.com

About Me page: http://about.me/elsadarwin
Linkedin: id.linkedin.com/in/elsadarwin/

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